Ripon City Golf Club

The Marquis of Ripon agreed to lend some land at Studley Park to an enthusiastic group of gentlemen from the Ripon area for the purposes of playing some golf in 1891. The Marquis was appointed President of the new club and his vice was the Earl Grey. In 1893, one Harry Vardon was the club’s professional before taking up a better offer at Bury GC a year later.

From these small beginnings, golf in the Ripon area moved on to the land off Palace Road in 1908 and Ripon City GC was established. Various attempts were made at creating an 18-hole course in the early 20th Century but this proved difficult and the nine holes of Ripon City subsisted until 1993 when the second nine was added together with no less than 150 additional members from the long and distinguished waiting list.

Just before the arrival of the current century, the new clubhouse was completed and the two ‘nines’ integrated to create the order of play we know today.

The original clubhouse at Palace Road
The original clubhouse at Palace Road


The honours boards, which can be seen throughout the clubhouse, detail the Captains, and winners of all the club's major competitions for over 100 years

Centenary Captains Board
The Captains Board showing
100 years of past Captains